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Welcome on SpahniMusic's page, where you'll get to know about my musical activities


My name is Daniel Spahni, and I'm an independant drummer/composer/producer, who's working on bringing out good vibrations to the listeners.

Projects I'm involved in, at the moment are:

Spahni's Dub Dancers - Ska to Reggae, Jazz'n'Dub

Jeremy Mage & the Magi - Pop, songwriter, progressive grooves

Massar Dieng & le Diengbaba - Afro-pop, Rumba, Senegal traditionals

I've been studying drums since 1975, starting in a marching band (Fanfare L' Avenir de Lignières) then at EJMA (Ecole de Jazz et de Musiques Actuelles) in Lausanne, alongside Gaëtan Fama; took advices from Olivier Clerc (BBFC) and did masterclasses with Jojo Mayer.

I'm teaching private drum lessons, from rudiments for pupils from age 8, to clever advices for the advanced drummers.

My works of fame include:

Linton Kwesi Johnson - Album "More Time", "LKJ in Dub, vol.3" and tour in Africa, north and south America, Europe

Lee "Scratch* Perry - Album "Panic in Babylon" and various concerts in Eurpoe

Archie Shepp - I've been very lucky to perform once, as a last minute replacement drummer with Mr Shepp. What a great honor, and a fantastic human experience!

Dennis Bovell - I did many album with Dennis and we played alongside many artists, since over 20 years, now.

Other collaborations include:

Cédric Vuille and L'Ensemble rayé - Many album recorded with former Debile Menthol's member, for some nice imaginary theater music, since 1993.

The Mad Lighters - My debut in jamaican music, back in 1989 with this swiss band who featured Rico Rodriguez on trombone (and Vin Gordon for the latest album "Move on")

Peeni Waali (Victor "Fizze" de Bros) - I've recorded many tracks for this patchwork of world music in reggae feel. Victor introduced me to LKJ.

Other artists I've worked with Include:

Nya, Djinbala, Michael St-George, Winston Francis, Janet Kay, The Moonraisers, Amadou Diolo, Jah Man Gang, Darius Rourou, The Flying Tidburys, Larsen Rupin, Junior Tshaka, Ras Ngabo, Everton Sylvester, Internal Dread, Nimal, Les Sales combles, Razzle Dazzle, The tin pots, Centry, Isha bel, Georges "Wildlife" Scott, Jacka Youth, Conkarah, Pippo Pollina, Michael von der Heide, Cedric Myton, Bienville street band, Die Vögel Europas, Elliot Sharp, Helmut Neugebauer, Daniel Bourquin, Nibar Nabab, Jonahgold, Mysticman, Bee Bee Honey, Girl Frank, Beppe Bara, Bobby Kray, Fanny Dierksen,

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